3 Benefits to Starting Your ColorOnly Salon Franchise

Close up of hair in various hues all next to each other.

Color us excited to tell you all about this worthwhile salon franchise opportunity! ColorOnly offers express salon services that whip up any hair color in a matter of minutes. Put your passion for beauty to work for you by investing in your very own salon franchise. ColorOnly is the fastest, most affordable way to experience high-quality hair coloring. Our brand ambassador Fran Drescher is an avid user. Plus, every time anyone gets their hair colored, they support the philanthropic efforts of her foundation Cancer Schmancer.

Here are three benefits to the ColorOnly business model:

•    Hair color is a lucrative business. Salons are a part of an $18 billion industry equipped with built-in monthly demand and return business. Once someone starts coloring their hair, they return every six to eight weeks to maintain that look. You provide people with the expert colorists, high-quality products, and effective techniques necessary to achieve a beautiful, vibrant color that lasts—and you make money while doing it.

•    ColorOnly is speedy and budget friendly. When people dye their hair, it is a monthly expense. No one wants to sacrifice quality for affordability, but ColorOnly provides people with the best of both worlds. These custom hair color services take 30 minutes and cost $30, enabling your franchise location to assist more people in less time.

•    You have the expert support you deserve to help you succeed. This business model it not technical or complex. Even with that in mind, as a ColorOnly franchisee you receive comprehensive training and support. This includes real estate marketing, onboarding, and training. The building where you operate even comes with full construction support and turn-key package by Wadsworth. Everything you need has been carefully designed and curated to start you off on the right foot.

Start your journey to independence today! Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.