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Amethyst House Cleaning brings peace and tranquility into the home through cleaning excellence.

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About Us

At Amethyst House Cleaning, we believe that having a clean home can provide some of the same benefits as an Amethyst. The beautiful purple crystal is known for groundedness, tranquility, and calm. That is what we aim to give to our clients by providing excellent home cleaning services. Having your house cleaned by someone else is self-care. Just like getting a massage or having your nails done, this is a great way to reduce your stress.


The world gets more stressful every day. Kids, family, work, and pets all demand so much from us, so the cleanliness of our homes gets put on the back burner. When our home isn’t clean and tidy, it causes us stress. As a company, we pride ourselves on being detail-oriented and taking our time to do a quality job rather than rushing in and out.


We don’t call our cleaning professionals “maids”; we find that to be a negative term. We value our employees and treat them with respect. This seems to be rare in our industry, and we strive to be a company where we keep good cleaners around for a very long time. Happy employees produce happy customers.


Why Franchise with Amethyst House Cleaning:

*We have a 20-year proven track method

*Our brand is new and exciting

*Our brand promotes house cleaning as part of self-care

*You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment.

The Benefits of Owning an Amethyst House Cleaning Franchise

The Industry

*Cleaning is the best industry out there, because people need you on a regular basis long-term. You might need a painter once every few years, but you need your cleaner weekly or monthly. Kids and dogs make cleaning a necessity, not a luxury.

*Recent world events have made cleaning more essential and desirable.

*More people work at home, making a clean home fundamental.

*More focus is being put on improving mental health and lowering stress, and we are offering people just that.



Residential cleaning industry trends show 20% growth year over year, with 80% of households being expected to use house cleaning services by 2024. Cleaning industry revenue grew 14% in 2021. The cleaning industry has grown 6.6% every year since 2011.

Source: Jobber

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