What it Takes to Start a Dog Daycare

Starting and running a business takes work. A lot of work. 

It’s no different when that business is a dog daycare. The following are the initial steps you have to take to establish your dog daycare facility:

Scout the right location and set up your facility. You’ll need to secure a location and set up the facility to accommodate dogs safely and comfortably. This includes creating play areas, installing secure fencing, providing appropriate indoor spaces, and ensuring good ventilation. Safety measures like non-toxic materials, secure gates, and emergency procedures should also be in place.

Obtain all the necessary licensing and permits. Compliance with health, safety, and zoning regulations is crucial. Keep in mind that requirements may vary depending on your geographic area. Check your local regulations to get the licenses and permits required to operate your facility. 

Hire and train your staff. You want people who are passionate about dogs, but that passion has to go a step further. Put together a team of experienced and trained staff members who are knowledgeable about dog behavior as well as how to handle and care for dogs. Your staff should be able to manage groups of dogs, ensure their safety, and provide appropriate exercise and stimulation. Additionally, you will need administrative staff to handle bookings, customer service, and other operational tasks.

Establish a system for evaluating dogs before enrolling them. Like people, dogs have a range of temperaments, personalities, and social skills. Some dogs may take time to come out of their shell, while others fit right in from the beginning. Furthermore, some dogs don’t belong in this type of setting to protect their safety and the safety of the other dogs and your employees. Develop enrollment procedures, contracts, and vaccination requirements to protect the well-being of the dogs in your care.

Set up daily operations. Part of running your dog daycare involves overseeing daily activities. This includes managing playgroups, monitoring interactions, and maintaining a safe and clean environment. You must establish activities, exercise, rest periods, and feeding schedules. Proper sanitation practices, including cleaning and disinfecting, are also necessary to maintain a healthy environment.

These are only five steps in opening a dog daycare, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. While there is no way to circumvent the necessity for hard work, you can receive help and support by investing in a dog daycare franchise. All Dogs Unleashed happens to be the highest-grossing pet resort in the USA. 

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